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Psychology’s Feminist Voices Now on Facebook!

Psychology’s Feminist Voices (PFV), the fantastic multimedia internet archive devoted both to women’s contributions to the early discipline and to highlighting the work of contemporary feminist researchers, is now on Facebook! The group’s page is well underway, with posts highlighting some of the fascinating material available on the PFV site. For instance, check out a great image of Psyche Cattell climbing a tree and the documentary on her work featured on the site. Other items that have been highlighted on PFV‘s Facebook page include video clips from interviews conducted by Don Dewsbury with pioneering clinical psychologist Molly Harrower where she discusses, among other things, her work with Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield. Harrower was the psychologist under the surgical tent during Penfield’s neural stimulation procedures! (For those unfamiliar with Penfield check out the now classic Canadian Heritage Minute on his work below.)

More great content is sure to be up on the PFV Facebook page in the weeks ahead!

In other social media news, AHP has now added a Twitter widget to our website where you can find our most recent tweets. Click the AHPblog link on the right to go directly to our Twitter feed and follow all of our 140 character or less posts there as well.

Full disclosure: I am also one of the contributors to PFV.

Social Media & the History of Psychology

Advances in the History of Psychology has taken the leap into social media and joined both Facebook and Twitter. You can now follow us via our Facebook page and our Twitter feed for even more on the latest developments in the history of psychology.

Those interested in even more history of psychology via social media may also want to check out the Facebook pages of the Society for the History of Psychology, Division 26 of the American Psychological Association, and the Center for the History of Psychology. Both post regularly and are great sources for unique finds in the history of psychology. The Center for the History of Psychology’s Facebook page is particularly interesting for its regular posts of archival material from its Archives of the History of American Psychology. For instance, today’s Archival Gem o’ the Day, as posted on their facebook page, is a psychoanalysis comic from 1955 (right). According to their post,

The inside cover reads: “Through the medium of comic format, we will attempt to portray, graphically and dramatically, the manner in which people find peace of mind through the science of psychoanalysis.” (Published by “Entertaining Comics.” Provenance unknown.)

Check in with their Facebook page regularly for even more archival gems. And, of course, don’t forget to follow AHP on Facebook and Twitter!