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Humanistic Psychology Landmark Site up for Sale

In 1964, the American Humanistic Association of Psychology (AHAP) held its first invitational conference on in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The conference, popularly known as the “Old Saybrook conference,” was crucial in developing the character of Humanistic Psychology in America. Now the venue for this historical meeting, The Castle Inn, has been listed for sale.

According to the Association for Humanistic Psychology (the current incarnation of AHAP), the 1964 conference was,

an historic gathering that did much to establish the character of the new movement. Attendees included psychologists, among whom were Gordon Allport, J.F.T. Bugental, Charlotte Buhler, Abraham Maslow, Rollo May, Gardner Murphy, Henry Murray and Carl Rogers, as well as humanists from other disciplines, such as Jacques Barzun, Rene Dubos and Floyd Matson. Continue reading Humanistic Psychology Landmark Site up for Sale