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New Issue: History of the Human Sciences

A new issue of the History of the Human Sciences has just been released online. Included in the issue are articles on Freud, French sociology, and situational realism in Australian psychology. The article titles and abstracts are listed below.

Freud’s dreams of reason: the Kantian structure of psychoanalysis, by Alfred I Tauber of the Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University. The abstract reads:

Freud (and later commentators) have failed to explain how the origins of psychoanalytical theory began with a positivist investment without recognizing a dual epistemological commitment: simply, Freud engaged positivism because he believed it generally equated with empiricism, which he valued, and he rejected ‘philosophy’, and, more specifically, Kantianism, because of the associated transcendental qualities of its epistemology. Continue reading New Issue: History of the Human Sciences