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New HoP Issue Now Online

The February 2010 issue of History of Psychology has just been released online. The issue begins with a statement from the journal’s new editor, Wade Pickren. Also included in this issue are three all new articles, a section devoted to teaching the history of psychology, a new “Sources, research notes, and news” section, as well as an interview with Kenneth B. Clark (right). Titles, authors, and abstracts follow below.

“History of Psychology new editor statement” by Wade E. Pickren.

Two astute and creative editors have guided History of Psychology through its first 12 volumes. Michael Sokal, Founding Editor, and James Capshew have done marvelous work in making the journal must reading for scholars in the history of the human sciences. I feel honored to serve as the third editor of the journal and will continue the excellent editorial standards set for the journal. Over the course of the next year, readers will see several new features in the journal. Each year, we plan to have either one full issue or a special section devoted to a particular topic. Continue reading New HoP Issue Now Online

Introducing the New HoP

The soon-to-appear February 2010 issue of History of Psychology is the journal’s first issue under the editorship of Wade Pickren. Pickren, also currently president of the Society for the History of Psychology, Division 26 of the American Psychological Association, has been kind enough to provide AHP‘s readers with an overview of his vision for the journal, as well as a sneak peak at the content of the first issue. He writes,

As the new editor of History of Psychology, I want to be careful to keep the high quality that Michael Sokal and James Capshew maintained over the first 12 volumes. At the same time, I will introduce several new features that I think will enhance our readers experience and contribute to our field of scholarship. In this first year, we will have a special issue on the international historiography of psychology, with reviews of historical scholarship from the Czech Republic, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Gustav Fechner’s Elemente der Psychophysik, we will have a special section co-edited by David K. Robinson.  A new feature that will appear in each issue is a regular contribution on teaching the history of psychology. The history of psychology scholarly community has much to offer our colleagues who teach the history course, but who do not have specialty training or involvement in the field. Continue reading Introducing the New HoP

HoP‘s Pickren in APA Monitor

The January 2010 issue of the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology features an article on History of Psychology‘s new editor, Wade Pickren (pictured left). Pickren, associate professor of psychology at Ryerson University, begins his six year term as editor of History of Psychology this month. History of Psychology is the official journal of Society for the History of Psychology, division 26 of the APA, of which Pickren is also President-Elect. Pickren takes over from the journal’s previous editor James Capshew of Indiana University.

For Pickren, “Even as psychology becomes more specialized, history will always be the field’s common core.” In an effort to make the history of psychology more accessible to others in the field, he has introduced several new features into the journal. These include a teaching section, edited by Bernard Beins of Ithaca College, in which ways for including historical topics into coursework will be discussed, as well as a “Documenting Psychology” series that will feature interviews with prominent psychologists. Other features include, a spotlight on a psychology archive, as well as a rebranded and expanded “Sources, Research Notes, and News” section edited by Kelli Vaugh-Blount of York University. The article is available free online here.