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“The ‘crisis’ of psychology between fragmentation and integration: The Italian case”

In an article forthcoming in Theory & Psychology Mariagrazia Proietto and Giovanni Pietro Lombardo explore the history of the idea of “crisis” in psychology through the lens of Italian psychology. The article is now available OnlineFirst here. Full title and abstract follow below.

“The “crisis” of psychology between fragmentation and integration: The Italian case,” by Mariagrazia Proietto and Giovanni Pietro Lombardo. The abstract reads,

Crisis, as a construct, recurs in the history of psychology and has attracted the attention of psychological historians and philosophers in recent years, who have given life not only to a debate about psychological historiography, but also to a philosophical-epistemological reflection about the foundations of scientific psychology. These scholars, however, ignore the Italian literature on the theme, which is rich with useful details for both areas. After an analysis of the different meanings historically applied to the term crisis, this article examines the history of Italian psychology with a description of the origins and developments and with special attention paid to the construct of crisis. The analysis covers both the output of early 20th-century Italian psychologists on the theme, and how this has been treated in historians’ reconstruction of the theme. The article provides new historiographical elements within the framework of international research on the crisis.

CFP: International Historiography of Psychology

The following announcement was recently circulated by Wade Pickren, editor of the journal History of Psychology.

History of Psychology Call for Papers on the International Historiography of Psychology

History of Psychology invites manuscripts for a special issue on the international historiography of psychology. The goal of the special issue is to showcase high-quality research on the history of psychology that is being conducted in countries around the world. In particular, we are seeking studies from countries in Central and South America, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Australia, and Europe, especially Spain, Italy, as well as Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Continue reading CFP: International Historiography of Psychology