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Gestalt Summary at Cognitive Daily

Kanizsa' subjective contour figureCognitive Daily‘s “History Week” continued yesterday with a summary of Max Wertheimer’s 1925 classic Gestalt article, “Laws of organization in perceptual forms.” (Actually it is the translation that appears in W. E. Ellis’ A Source Book of Gestalt Psychology. (Humanities Press, 1955). Perception researcher Alison Sekuler tells me that it is abridged and quite different from the original — so different that she is in fact planning to publish a new translation of the full original at some point, along with some historical commentary.)

The CD account includes some simple but effective animated graphics to demonstrate how the perceptual grouping of objects changes as their spatial relations change. Continue reading Gestalt Summary at Cognitive Daily

Mary Henle (1913-2007)

Mary HenleMary Henle has died at the age of 94. Dr. Henle was the sixth president of the History of Psychology Division of the APA (1971-72), and was a prominent historian of psychology and Gestalt psychologist.

Michael Wertheimer wrote of her:

Mary Henle, Gestalt psychologist, experimental psychologist, historian of psychology, and incisive critic of psychological theory, has been publishing influential works steadily for a period of half a century. ….She edited several Continue reading Mary Henle (1913-2007)