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New Book on History of British Educational Psych!

The British Psychological Society‘s History of Psychology Centre has begun a monograph series, and its first publication is now available: British Educational Psychology: The First Hundred Years. The volume is edited by Christopher Arnold and Julia Hardy. As described on the Centre’s website,

In 1913 the first applied psychologist took up his post with the London County Council. His job was to assess children for special educational programmes and develop tools to identify children who may need alternative kinds of education. With this post, the profession of educational psychology was born. The numbers of educational psychologists have steadily grown over the subsequent hundred years and the practices, roles and functions that they adopt have similarly developed.

This book outlines the development of the profession in the United Kingdom during its first century of existence. It describes a number of different themes that have emerged over time and documents key points in the profession’s development.

The book’s contents follow below,

Monograph No.1
British Educational Psychology: The First Hundred Years
Edited by Christopher Arnold & Julia Hardy

Chapter 1 Origins by Christopher Arnold
Vignette 1: Defining Psychology, British Journal of Psychology,January 1904, Vol 1 No1

Chapter 2 The rise of education by Christopher Arnold
Vignette 2: Part of Cyril Burt’s contract with the London County Council Continue reading New Book on History of British Educational Psych!