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Milicent Shinn’s Baby Biography

Millicent ShinnCognitive Daily‘s “History Week” continues with an item on some interesting but little-known work on child development from 1900 entitled The Biography of a Baby. The author, Milicent Shinn had earned a PhD at the University of California, and her book, was “one of the most thorough scientific accounts of a baby’s cognitive and physical development in its time.” Eric W. Codak notes that Shinn published intermediate reports prior to the book, including an article in Proceedings of the International Congress of Education (1893). (See also Scarborough, E, & Furumoto, L. (1987) Untold lives: The first generation of the American women psychologists. New York: Columbia University Press.) Continue reading Milicent Shinn’s Baby Biography

Neil Sutherland Prize for Histories of Childhood

This award honours the pioneering work of Canadian historian Neil Sutherland in the history of children and youth by recognizing outstanding contributions to the field. An award of $200 CDN accompanies the prize to be given out on a biennial basis under the auspices of the History of Children and Youth Group, affiliated committee of the Canadian Historical Association. The first prize will be awarded in conjunction with the 2008 meeting of the Canadian Historical Association at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Articles in any area pertaining to the history of children and youth published in scholarly journals and books between January 2006 and December 2007 will be eligible for consideration for the prize. There are no restrictions on time periods or national/international context. Award winners will demonstrate originality of scholarship and clear contribution to our understanding of the history of young people. Continue reading Neil Sutherland Prize for Histories of Childhood