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Blog: “Alois Alzheimer’s First Case”

Alois AlzheimerThe Neurophilosopher has posted a fascinating item about the discovery of what later came to be known as “Alzheimer’s disease.”

On November 4th, 1906, during a lecture at the 37th Conference of South-West German Psychiatrists in Tubingen, the German neuropathologist and psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915, left) described “eine eigenartige Erkrankung der Hirnrinde” (a peculiar disease of the cerebral cortex). In the lecture, he dicussed “the case of a patient who was kept under close observation during institutionalisation at the Frankfurt Hospital and whose central nervous system had been given to me by director Sioli for further examination”. This was the first documented case of the form of dementia that would subsequently bear Alzheimer’s name.

In previous coverage, AHP posted an extensive bibliography of historical research relating to this disease. It can be found here.