APA Monitor: McConnell’s Worm Runner’s Digest

The first 2013 issue of the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology is now online. This month’s Time Capsule section features a piece by Larry Stern on psychologist James McConnell’s efforts to poke fun at the discipline. In 1959, McConnell began the Worm Runner’s Digest after the appearance of his memory transfer research in the … Continue reading APA Monitor: McConnell’s Worm Runner’s Digest

New in Isis: History of Textbooks, Funding

The March 2012 issue of Isis, the official journal of the History of Science Society, is now online. Included in this issue are a couple of articles of interest to historians of psychology. In “Senator Fred Harris’s National Social Science Foundation Proposal” Mark Solovey explores efforts to reform American social science funding during the 1960s. … Continue reading New in Isis: History of Textbooks, Funding

Revisiting Yesterday’s Psychology Today

The Association for Psychological Science‘s (APS) popular periodical, the Observer is publishing an ongoing series of reflections upon interviews with prominent psychologists originally published in Psychology Today decades ago. As described on the Observer‘s website, Digging into the history of psychological science, the Observer has retrieved classic interviews with prominent psychological scientists for an ongoing … Continue reading Revisiting Yesterday’s Psychology Today

New Issue: History of Psychology

The November issue of History of Psychology has just been released online. Included in the issue are three all new research articles, as well as a piece on teaching and a news and notes feature. The latter brings to our attention some previously unknown correspondence between Harry Harlow and Nadya Nikolaevna Ladygina-Kohts, author of The … Continue reading New Issue: History of Psychology

Video: History of the Science of Human Instincts

Interested in learning more about history of scientific views on human instincts? Marga Vicedo (whose work has been featured on AHP here and here) discusses this history in the video above, focusing especially on the history of views on maternal instincts. Vicedo is currently at work on a manuscript entitled “Human Nature and Mother Love: … Continue reading Video: History of the Science of Human Instincts