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Online Digital Project: After the Asylum/Après l’asile

A new national project, After the Asylum/Après l’asile,  documenting the shift from institutional care to community mental health in Canada has recently launched. As historians Megan Davies and Erika Dyck discuss in a recent blog post,

The shift from institutional to community mental health was among the most significant social changes of the late 20th century. Between 1965 and 1980 nearly 50,000 beds were closed in residential psychiatric facilities across Canada. De-institutionalization profoundly changed the lives of former patients and those who worked with them, impacting the larger economy, public health and social planning, and challenging ideas of individual rights and capabilities.

The first national project of its kind, After the Asylum/Après l’asile presents this complex and often difficult history, making clear its continuing relevance. We examine early mental health initiatives, we consider how therapeutic and professional contours of care were reshaped, and we explore new consumer / user networks and cultures that emerged. Many of the exhibits speak to the continuing social and economic marginalization of people deemed mentally ill, whose lives are often poignant testaments to the limits of a reconstituted mental health system.

The project can be explored in full here.

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New MA programme in Theory/History of Psychology at Groningen!


The University of Groningen is now offering a master’s degree, Reflecting on Psychology. As the number of degrees offered in the meta-psychological sub-fields has been notably reduced over the past few decades, this is exciting news indeed!

The included course offerings are conducted in English, and look stellar: philosophy of psychology, sociology of mental health, controversies in psychology, boundaries of psychology, and reflecting on science.

We look forward to the work that comes out of this new community!



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CfP: CPA History and Phil. of Psych Section

The Canadian Psychological Association‘s section on the History and Philosophy of Psychology has issued a call for papers for its 2013 annual conference. The conference will be held at the Quebec City Convention Centre in Quebec from June 13 to June 15, 2013. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, November 15, 2012. Full details can be found here.

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Kurt Danziger Website

Kurt DanxigerAdrian Brock of University College Dublin has set up a website full of the writings of the noted historian of psychology Kurt Danziger. Though he is now long-retired from York University (Toronto), and is no longer attending conferences, Danziger has continued to write and conduct research. His most recent book, Marking the Mind: A History of Memory was just published in October 2008. Many of his essays and talks, however, have not been easily accessible. Brock, a former student of Danziger’s, has established www.kurtdanziger.com to collect these “lost” writings together and make them available to the general public. Continue reading Kurt Danziger Website

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