Reflections from Pioneering Women in Psychology

A new book will interest AHP readers: Reflections from Pioneering Women in Psychology edited by Jamila Bookwala and Nicky J. Newton. The book is described as follows:

This volume traces the life journeys of a cohort of influential and transformative women in psychology, now in or nearing retirement, who have changed the discipline and the broader world of academia in significant ways. The 26 reflective essays record how these scholars thrived in an academic landscape that was often, at best, unwelcoming, and, at worst, hostile, toward them. They explicitly and implicitly acknowledge that their paths were inextricably linked with the evolution of women’s roles in society; they highlight and celebrate their achievements as much as they acknowledge and recognize the obstacles, barriers, and hurdles they overcame. They tell their stories with candor and humor, resulting in a compilation of inspiring essays. The end result of these individual narratives is a volume that provides a unique resource for current and future academics to help them navigate through the crossroads, curves, and challenges of their own careers in academia.


Foreword: Jennifer Lodi-Smith
Introduction: The voices of remarkable women in psychology Nicky J. Newton and Jamila Bookwala
1. Hardly a straight line: My career in psychology Leona S. Aiken
2. Challenging paradigms: It takes a village Carolyn Aldwin
3. From young and naïve to old and experienced Toni C. Antonucci
4. Being the change you want to see in the world Susan Basow
5. Accidental professor Joan C. Chrisler
6. Finding a place and changing the space Kay Deaux
7. The more you do, the better it gets Florence Denmark
8. Happily ever after Phoebe C. Ellsworth
9. Love and work: How to (and not to) have both Susan T. Fiske
10. Overcoming obstacles and thriving Irene Hanson Frieze
11. Out of the box: Forging a clinical career in clinical psychology in the liberal arts academy Laurie Heatherington
12. Stress has been good to me: My career in psychoneuroimmunology Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser
13. On pioneering at northwestern university…with a ‘Village’ of supports Diana Slaughter Kotzin
14. Against all odds: An American Indian creates a path Marigold Linton
15. Tricked by memory Elizabeth F. Loftus
16. Doing psychology in unsettled times Jeanne Marecek
17. Overcoming obstacles: Persisting, pivoting and paying attention to unforeseen opportunities Rachel Pruchno
18. Knocking on doors that opened for me Lauren B. Resnick
19. Paths unexpected, but rewarding, during an academic journey Karen S. Rook
20. Reflections on an improbable journey Carol D. Ryff 
21. The delicate art of balancing serendipity and plan fullness in an academic career Stephanie A. Shields
22. A “skin in the game” scaffolded career Margaret Beale Spencer
23. A wonderful journey along an unforeseen path: Memoir of an improbable career Mary Ann Parris Stephens
24. Choosing both: Finding a path as an academic feminist Abigail J. Stewart
25. Identity and my life story in psychology Susan Krauss Whitbourne
26. Doing what matters: A framework for academic success Camille Wortman
Conclusion: Reflecting on the collective Jamila Bookwala and Nicky J. Newton.

About Jacy Young

Jacy Young is a professor at Quest University Canada. A critical feminist psychologist and historian of psychology, she is committed to critical pedagogy and public engagement with feminist psychology and the history of the discipline.