New Series on PBS: Mysteries of Mental Illness

AHP readers may be interested in a new series airing on PBS in the United States starting tonight, June 22nd:

Mysteries of Mental Illness explores the story of mental illness in science and society, tracing the evolution of this complex topic from its earliest days to present times. The four-part series examines the dramatic attempts across generations to unravel the mysteries of mental illness and give voice to contemporary Americans across a spectrum of experiences.

An Olympic boxer struggling with OCD… a Harlem pastor wrestling with depression… a transgender lawyer recovering from years of self-loathing… a young activist coming to terms with her schizophrenia… Around one in four people suffer from mental illness. Yet a diagnosis of a mental disorder still carries a stigma that a heart condition or other physical ailment doesn’t, largely because mental illness has been so poorly understood for so long. 

The landmark series Mysteries of Mental Illness places the stories of those living with mental illness today in a broader historic, scientific, and social context. The series traces how our understanding of mental illness has evolved from an ancient conception of spiritual affliction to the latest 21st century neurobiological breakthroughs. 

At a time when mental health has been thrust to the fore by Covid 19, Mysteries of Mental Illness provides an invaluable framework to create deeper national understanding and dialogue

The series is accompanied by a series of short videos and web resources that may also be of interest.

About Jacy Young

Jacy Young is a professor at Quest University Canada. A critical feminist psychologist and historian of psychology, she is committed to critical pedagogy and public engagement with feminist psychology and the history of the discipline.