Interview with Milgram’s participants

milgramThe Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio Eye program has tracked down and interviewed four of the individuals who participated in Milgram’s now infamous obedience experiments. One of those interviewed by Radio Eye is Joseph Dimow, whose experience as a participant in the Milgram experiments has been covered by AHP previously.

Radio Eye’s Beyond the Shock Machine is described by the program’s website as follows,

In the summer of 1961 Stanley Milgram, a 27-year-old associate professor of psychology at Yale University, conducted a series of controversial experiments designed to test the limits of obedience. Volunteers in the experiment were told to give electric shocks to a person they could hear screaming in pain in the room next door. Seemingly ordinary people turned into torturers.

Much has been written about Milgram and his experiments. But there’s a missing part to the story — the voices of people who took part.

Gina Perry goes in search of those who participated in what’s been described as the most widely cited and provocative set of experiments in social psychology

The audio of Beyond the Shock Machine can be heard here.

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