Documentary on brain imaging and emotion

Claudia WassmannEarlier this year AHP posted about an new article on the history of emotion research in the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences. The author of this article, Claudia Wassmann of the Institut d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences et des techniques, is a former science journalist who has produced a documentary on the history of brain imaging and emotion.

Wassmann’s documentary was produced during her time as a Dewitt Stetten, Jr., Memorial Fellow in the History of Biomedical Sciences and Technology at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from 2005 to 2006. The documentary, Imaging the Brain, Finding Emotion: A History of Brain Imaging and Research in Emotion at the NIH, which features Wassmann discussing her research, is freely available from the NIH and can be viewed here.

For those interested in the history of emotion, Wassmann currently has two articles on the history of emotions in press:

Wassmann, Claudia. The “method of impression,” the method of expression,” the “photographic method” and “the cinematographic method”: Studying emotions in the laboratory, a forgotten history, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences

Wassmann, Claudia. Revisiting Carl Georg Lange’s theory of emotion: A chapter in the early history of biological psychiatry, Cognition and Emotion

Wassmann is also at work on a booklength history of emotion, Science of emotion, 1860-2000. Nineteenth-century foundations and contemporary conceptions of emotion for publication.

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