Foucault’s Introduction to Kant published

An English translation of Michel Foucault’s introduction to Kant‘s Anthropology from a Pragmatic View has been published. The text was originally a part of Foucault’s 1961 doctoral dissertation.

A thorough review of the publication by Béatrice Han-Pile of the University of Essex can be found on the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews website here.

As Jeremy Burman brought to the attention of AHP readers in April of 2008 (when he first announced this then-upcoming publication), the translation has had its share of “scandal” attached. The publication, from Semiotext(e) and MIT Press, lists as its translators Roberto Nigro and Kate Briggs. The original English translation of Foucault’s introduction, however, has been claimed by Arianna Bove as part of her own doctoral dissertation and has been available online since 2004.  Bove gives the story of her dealings with Semiotext(e) — and the original proposal to publish the translation only to be dropped as translator when she refused to give her permission following a lack of communication — here.

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