“Giant’s Shoulders” #6 Is Up

The Giant’s Shoulders” is a blog carnival we have posted about before that is supposed to review some particularly important or interesting historical scientific document (although some of the participants take their task a little more broadly than that, offering general commentary not focused on one particular document).

Issue #6 is hosted at the blog Rigorous Trivialities. Of interest to historians of psychology is:

A piece on Isaac Netwon’s 1672 experiments with light, prisms, and color at Ether Wave Propaganda.

An item on the history of phrenology at Bayblab. It is a little naive, I must say, but it is unfortunately based on the writer’s little sister’s term paper, rather than on an actual primary document of phrenology.

A description at PodBlack Cat of a 1972 article by Mintz & Alpert on hallucinations, psychosis and alien abduction stories.

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