New Issue of History of Psychology

A new issue of the journal History of Psychology appeared a few days ago. The article titles and authors are as follows:

“The new woman as “tied-up dog”: Amy E. Tanner’s situated knowledges” by Michael Pettit.

“‘A conversation between Charles Spearman, Godfrey Thomson, and Edward L. Thorndike: The International Examinations Inquiry Meetings 1931-1938’: Correction to Deary, Lawn, and Bartholomew (2008)” by Ian J. Deary, Martin Lawn, and David J. Bartholomew.

“A history of the early days of personality testing in American industry: An obsession with adjustment” by Robert E. Gibby and Michael J. Zickar.

“Idols of the psychologist: Johannes Linschoten and the demise of phenomenological psychology in the Netherlands” by RenĂ© van Hezewijk and Henderikus J. Stam.

“‘Searching for the second generation of American women psychologists’: Correction to Johnston and Johnson (2008)” by Elizabeth Johnston and Ann Johnson.

Unfortunately, one cannot view the abstracts of the articles without a persona subscription, and they have not yet been posted to my local library’s web server as yet.

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