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We at AHP truly love to receive your comments. The best times we have running this blog are when we get good discussions going with and among our readers (such as here). But we have run into a problem. We receive hundreds and hundreds of spam comments every day (for ring tones, pharmaceuticals, pornography, business “opportunities,” etc.) for every one authentic comment that comes in, and we must pore through each and every one of those spams manually in order to find the comments from readers that we are looking for. We would rather spend our time finding interesting items for new postings and so we have reluctantly had to change our policy with respect to comments. From now on, people will have to register on the site before they will be allowed to post comments. Unfortunately, this requires your giving us a little bit of information about yourself. We solemnly swear that we will not use this information for any purpose not directly related to the blog. In particular we will not use your information to enable someone to send you more spam. We are sorry to have to resort to this restriction. We know that it will place a hurdle between you and us. But we hope you will understand that there are only so many hours in the day and we need to deal with our tremendous and growing spam problem.

About Christopher Green

Professor of Psychology at York University (Toronto). Former editor of the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. Creator of the "Classics in the History of Psychology" website and of the "This Week in the History of Psychology" podcast series.