The Beeb’s “In Our Time” on the History of the Brain

The BBC radio show “In Our Time” has just broadcast (and posted to the internet) an interesting discussion of the history of thought about the function of the brain. The participants are Vivian Nutton (History of Medicine, University College London), Jonathan Sawday (English Studies, University of Strathclyde), and Marina Wallace (University of the Arts, London, Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design) and the conversation ranges from the time of Plato through to the 19th century. Because it last only 43 minutes, the show must skim through a number of complicated topics, but as a “first pass” for students and the general public, it hits most of the major “highlights.”

I’ve tipped my hat to Mind Hacks so many times in the past, I feel that I should, instead, note when I didn’t find out about something there.

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