SHP Program Announced

Jerome KaganThe Society for the History of Psychology has announced the program it will present at the convention of the American Psychological Association, August 14-17 in Boston.

Among the highlights will be:

An invited address by Robert D. Richardson entitled “Restoring the Power of Choice: William James’s Place in Psychology.”

The Wallace A Russell Memorial Lecture, to be delivered by famed Harvard U. developmental psychologist Jerome Kagan, will be about “Psychology’s Two Cultures.”

New fellow William Tucker of Rutgers U. will speak on “Organized Skepticism and the History of Psychology.”

Anne Harrington of Harvard U. will give the Mary Whiton Calkins lecture, entitled “From Mind Cure to the Placebo Effect: How Americans Came to Believe.”

SHP President Deborah F. Johnston will speak on “Josiah Royce at Harvard: An Outsider’s Perspective on Culture and Psychology.”

The program chair is Russell Kosits of Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario. The full program can be found at the SHP website.

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