Happy 164th Stanley!

G. Stanley HallToday is the birthday of Granville Stanley Hall: student of William James, “post-doc” of Wilhelm Wundt, founder of the “child study” movement in the US, founder of the first psychology research laboratory in the US (at Johns Hopkins), founder of the American Journal of Psychology, president of Clark University, founder of the American Psychological Association, popularizer of the term “adolescence,” host of Sigmund Freud on his only trip to the US (in 1909), and all-around good guy (well, maybe not so much).

Here is a “Mass Moments” item on Hall and his career (tip o’ the hat to Karin Wetmore for alerting me to this).

Dorothy Ross’ G. Stanley Hall: The Psychologist as Prophet (University of Chicago Press, 1972) remains the standard account of Hall’s life and work more than three decades after it was originally published. You can find my “This Week in the History of Psychology” interview with Ross about Hall here. The journal History of Psychology published a special issue on Hall last year.

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