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Darwin-as-a-chimp cartoonThe online edition of The Guardian had a fabulous feature section on Charles Darwin yesterday. It comes as celebrations are beginning to ramp up for the 2009 bicentennial of Darwin’s birth and the sesquicentennial of the publication of Origin of Species. (American Psychologist is planning a special issue on the topic, guest-edited by U. Florida comparative psychologist Don Dewsbury, to appear early in 2009.)

The Guardian feature includes articles by famed Oxford evolutionary theorist Richard Dawkins on “Why Darwin Matters,” by U. Bath genetics professor Laurence D. Hurst on the genetic evidence for the theory of natural selection, and by former Oxford bishop Richard Harries on the compatability between Darwinian science and belief.

The are also pieces on the public and scientific reaction to Origin at the time of its publication, on common misunderstandings of the theory, and on how Darwin dealth with earlier versions of the recently re-kindled “intelligent design” argument in his own era.

In addition, there are extract from the great book itself. (Unfortunately, we are not told from which of the six editions of the book the extract come. The book expanded greatly in size over the years, as Darwin added more evidence, but also conceded more to the neo-Lamarckians of his day.)

Finally, there are audio interviews with a number of experts, such Darwin biographer Janet Browne, and other commentators.

UPDATE: For a set related readings from AHP, see Darwin and early American psychology.

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