The Future of the “Looking Back” Section

Following up on yesterday’s post, I have found out a little more about the new “Looking Back” section of The Psychologist. The editor, Julie Perks of Staffordshire University, tells me that it will be a regular monthly feature in the journal from now on. She goes on to say:

Next month Ian Deary and Mark Lawn will be talking about their work following up the Scottish national Intelligence surveys (1932 & 1947) the article is called “A Hotbed of Intelligence.” I will have a little piece in about a popular psychology magazine also called The Psychologist that was in circulation long before the current magazine of that name came into being and disappeared in the late 1970s. The article is called “The Psychologist… what’s in a name?” Ludy Benjamin actually sent me some of his collection of that magazine and gave me some useful help with the piece.

March’s edition will feature a piece by Sandy (A. D.) Lovie about Adam Smith (Adam Smith is featured on the back of our current (British) £20 notes and has been since March last year) Sandy’s piece is called “Adam Smith (1723-1790) Proto Social Psychologist.” After that there will be something by Toni Brennan about Charlotte Wolfe and the Nazis’ book burnings and another piece by Liz Valentine about the BPS.

Graham Richards is writing an article to celebrate the centenary of the publication of William McDougall’s Social Psychology and Anja Rutten is writing about the life of Carl Rogers (in the light of Kirschenbaum’s recent biography of Rogers). I’ve also accepted proposals for 3 other pieces. Two about different aspects of changes in attitudes toward mental illness and one about the origins of the construct of “field dependence.”

It promises to be a most interesting series of articles.

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