UC Dublin T&H of Psych Program Moves

Here is an announcement from Adrian Brock of the University College Dublin program in the Theory & History of Psychology:

Please note that the history/theory/philosophy of psychology area at University College Dublin has recently been revised. The main change is that it is no longer an interdepartmental area but is now based entirely in the psychology department. The name of the area has been changed to “theory and history of psychology” in order to reflect this change. I would be especially grateful if those of you who maintain web pages with links to the area at UCD would update those links. Those of you who maintain web pages with links to the area at other universities but not at UCD might consider adding one.

The new site can be found here.  The link at AHP (on the sidebar to the right) has been updated to reflect this change as well.

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Professor of Psychology at York University (Toronto). Former editor of the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. Creator of the "Classics in the History of Psychology" website and of the "This Week in the History of Psychology" podcast series.