New prize recognizes young historians

The Society for the Study of French History and the editors of French History, in conjunction with Oxford Journals, have announced the creation of a new prize, to be awarded annually, based on articles published in the journal.

The prize is open to historians whose work has been published in the journal, and who were aged 39 or under at the time of submission of their article. The prize is designed to promote and acknowledge outstanding work from younger scholars of French history, whatever their nationality.

A panel of senior historians, drawn from the editorial board, will judge the best articles, and the prize-winner will be invited to receive their award at the annual conference of the Society for the Study of French History.

The prize is worth £250, with a further book prize to the value of £250 sponsored by Oxford Journals.

The journal has a wide and international readership, and it is hoped that scholars who are at an early stage in their career will gain wide recognition through the publicity provided by this prize.

Upon the panel’s decision the prize-winning article will be made freely available online.

Further information on the prize may be obtained from the deputy editor of French History, Dr Julian Wright:

Additional prizes for work in French history can be found here.

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