History of Psychology & Social Practice

Asil Ozdogru of Albany has sent us a message about a special issue of Social Practice / Psychological Theorizing on “History of Psychology and Social Practice.” The online journal is edited by Aydan G├╝lerce of Bogazici University, Turkey, but this special issue is guest edited by Adrian C. Brock (University College Dublin, Ireland) and Johann Louw (Cape Town, South Africa). The issue is freely available and can be accessed at http://sppt-gulerce.boun.edu.tr/. The full contents are listed below. CONTENTS

Introduction. Adrian C. Brock (University College Dublin)

Psychological practices and ideology: The South African case. Johann Louw (University of Cape Town & Kurt Danziger (York University/University of Cape Town)

Curing the Dutch disease? The Disability Insurance Act (DIA) and the psychologization process in the Netherlands. Ruud Abma (Utrecht University)

The research relationship in English-language European psychology journals: Forty years of American investigative practice? Richard Walsh-Bowers (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Is there a ‘self’ in self research? or, How measuring the self made it disappear. Scott Greer (University of Prince Edward Island)

Statistics and the art of legitimation: The strange case of ‘ n Ach’. Adrian C. Brock (University College Dublin)

Mythologized history of psychology as social practice: The uses of ‘environmentalist hegemony’ narratives. Andrew Winston (University of Guelph)

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