Video: Functionalist Psychology, Pt. 2

The second and final part of Chris Green’s documentary on the history of American Functionalist Psychology can now be viewed at Google Video.

It runs from the time the school was named by its chief opponent, E. B. Titchener, in 1898, until about the end of World War I.  Among other things, it covers the relationship between of functionalism and pragmatism; the related appearances of educational psychology, motor learning, industrial/vocational psychology, intelligence testing, and animal psychology; and the gradual transformation of functionalism into behaviorism in the 1910s.

The first part of the documentary, which runs from the publication of Origin of Species in 1859 to Titchener’s “naming” in 1898, can also be found at Google Video.

In addition, for related readings on the debate between structuralism and functionalism, see the Special Collection (also organized by Green) at Classics in the History of Psychology.

About Jeremy Burman

Jeremy Trevelyan Burman is a senior doctoral student in York University’s Department of Psychology, specializing in the history of developmental psychology and its theory (especially that pertaining to Jean Piaget). Prior to returning to academia, he was a producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.