Mind Hacks Interviews Leading Russian Psychiatrist

The psychology blog “Mind Hacks” has posted an illuminating item on recent reports that the Russian psychiatric system is reverting to the Soviet-era tactic of committing individuals who vocally criticize the government. The focus of the report is the participation of Yuri Savenko, president of the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia (IPA).

According to Savenko,

With the introduction of the new “extremism” law, which is considered as rather vague, we find ourselves retreating back to the Soviet times. The law is very broad and any form of criticism against the state or public institutions may be considered as “extremism”. It’s just the same situation as we had in soviet time with the former law Article of “slandering of the soviet powers” and cases handled by the authority.

This interview¬†adds new insights to previous coverage by AHP, cited by Mind Hacks, on the return of politically-motivated “punitive psychiatry.”

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