History of neuroscience conference coming

ISHN brainThe 12th annual meeting of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences is coming to the University of California at Los Angeles June 19-23.

Some of the more interesting talks for historians of psychology will include:

  • “Why you shouldn’t let your students write your obituary: the case of Johannes Müller” by Laura Otis
  • “On the history of vision, optics, and the neurosciences” by Nicholas J. Wade
  • “Charlton Bastian and Hughlings Jackson: four language centers or none?” by Victor W. Henderson
  • “Determining the distinction between language and thought through medico-legal considerations of aphasia in the late 19th century” by Marjorie Lorch & Paula Hellal
  • “‘Induced nervous sleep or experimental hypnotism’: an unpublished text from Dr. Manuel Martinez Solirzano (Mexico, 1889)” by Cesar Campos-Farfan & Ruben Bicio

Go here for the full programs and registration details.


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