What is AHP?

Advances in the History of Psychology is a work in progress. Its intent is to aggregate news and notes pertaining to the history of the discipline.

Ultimately, the primary mission of AHP will be to notify readers of publications, conferences, and other events or issues of interest to researchers and students of the history of psychology. We will make a particular effort to draw attention to articles and meetings that are “off the beaten track” — i.e., that are in journals or sponsored by scholarly societies beyond those with which most members of the discipline are already familiar.

In addition, there will be the occasional commentary and review of issues that seems pertinent to the community. Readers are encouraged to submit their own comments as well, as is the custom with many blogs.

Finally, it’s worth noting that several reports have been written to mark progress in the development of the site. For those who are interested, these can be found here:

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